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Wardsent Digital provides a huge range of digital branding services, making it both efficient and effective to choose us as the team that launches your brand to the stars.

From creating your first logo, to launching a website and starting on social media, to designing billboards for your brick and mortar store front. We take care of the details so you can focus without distractions.

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Graphic Design

To create a thriving brand it is important to create a visual identity online and offline.

We do this through developing digital graphics that translate to physical prints. By letting customers visualize your brand in the digital and physical world, brand consistency is established which reinforces a positive and reliable brand view.

Graphic Design

$35 usd per design

logo design

business cards

clothing designs




stickers, buttons, and labels

social media post

cover art

other custom graphics

Motion Graphics

Visually stimulate your audience with motion graphics, animations, complications, editing b-roll footage, and general videography services.

By appealing to your client’s visual senses, your brand captures interest through and enhance overall engagement. Drive your selling points and invest in your brand’s success with motion graphics.


$60 usd + starting

general animation

advanced animation


youtube intro

background remover

video compilations

video editing

other videography service



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Social Media Account

Branding yourself properly on social media is essential - it is one of the most popular methods of communication in modern times. When your social media accounts are configured and managed with consistency, there is no telling how far your brand can go.

Account Starter

$120 usd

account creation

business profile configuration

contact information integration

3 social media posts

Account Management Subscription

$300 usd / month

account review

content analysis / clean up

content organization

inbox monitoring

follower engagement

content release schedule

monthly engagement report

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to develop new leads for your modern-day business. Use paid ads to generate traffic and user engagement, all while learning more about your client base through custom demographic analysis reports.

Starter Campaign

$150 usd / month

9 social media posts

monthly ad strategy

monthly traffic report

Standard Campaign

$250 usd / month

15 social media posts

biweekly ad strategy

biweekly traffic reports

demographic analysis

Viral Campaign

$450 usd / month

21 social media posts

weekly ad strategy

weekly traffic reports

demographic analysis

account growth analysis

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Brand Starter Packages

Wardsent Digital offers a variety of packages to get help with the branding process.

The first step to healthy branding is knowing exactly what your business is about. After filling out the digital questionnaire, you are ready to start your brand by establishing guidelines and a strategy to ensure consistency to preserve your vision.

Brand Guidelines


$100 usd

Brand Strategy


$300 usd

brand overview

brand personality

brand story

brand identity and theme

brand dos and donts

industry review

competitor review

customer demographic analysis

marketing branding plan

Document Templates

Develop templates for all your business documentation needs to strengthen your brands position when communicating in writing. Our templates are customizable so that no matter the contents - your level of professionalism will remain consistent.

General Documents

$30 usd per design

letterhead design

envelope design

meeting records

sheet

feedback form

Custom Documents

$30 per 500 words

copy writing

grant writing

terms and policies

staffing and/or client agreements

proposal letter

brand policies

waivers and non-disclosures

other custom documents

Customer Service

Wardsent Digital offers virtual solutions to meet your clientele’s needs. Professional and reliable customer service at affordable prices.

Customer Support

inquire for pricing

phone line customer support

e-mail inbox management

fax line monitoring

virtual meeting hosting

meeting attendance & note-taking

meeting reports & summaries

scheduler (calendar management)

digital inventory maintenance

Virtual Office

inquire for pricing

local mailing address

phone line

fax line

conference call line

e-mail domain

digital meeting space

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- Nelson Mandela

Website Design

Everything is found on the internet these days, your brand is no different. Take control of how your digital print is perceived by the world through a custom website solution.

Eco Website

$50 usd / month or

$600 usd / year

Standard Website

$100 usd / month or

$1200 usd / year

Premium Website

$450 usd / month or

$5400 usd / year

One landing page web design

Custom URL connection

Domain hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

Three page web design

E-commerce set up

Product pages / booking platform

Customer accounts

Unlimited website pages

Unlimited revisions

Custom analytics and traffic reports

50 GB of storage space

Premium support line

Website Extras

Unique brands require unique solutions. For your convenience, we have made our services customizable to your needs. Want to make a change? Learn to design? Increase digital traffic? We have your online brand covered to get it exactly the way you want.

Website Maintenance


$50 usd / month

minor revisions

monthly traffic analytics report

monthly consumer report

monthly recommendations

website audit

content review

brand strategy analysis

google indexing

SEO WIX meta data wizard

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


$250 usd / month

platform management lesson

simplified website design lesson

virtual Q&A / practical set up lesson

Website Design Tutorial (3 hrs)

$300 usd

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